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You might be finding yourself at a crossroad trying to figure out the best home loan package. Before you lock down your decision between fixed and floating interest rate options pegged to SIBOR, you need to carefully assess your budget, preference, as well as market fluctuations.

If you go with a fixed interest rate housing loan, your monthly repayments will be fixed throughout the duration of your loan. One benefit is your instalments won’t be affected by other market factors. On the other hand, a floating interest housing loan is the complete opposite of a fixed rate housing loan. Even though they tend to be cheaper, you need to be prepared to face the changing nature of your monthly repayments.

Now, when it comes to choosing SIBOR-linked home loan packages, you need to determine how often you want your interest rate to be refreshed, either 1-month or 3-month SIBOR. To help you decide, you can refer to the chart below for an overview of historical SIBOR rates.


Why work with us?


Comprehensive Comparison 

We send you a comprehensive summary – what we call Rates Report, that breaks down for you for each package the subsidy, lock-in, penalty, min loan, hidden terms, etc.


Most Updated Rates

Not only are our rates most updated, we get special deviated rates from banks at times because of the volume of business we refer.


Trusted Partner

Not all brokers tell you everything like direct-to-bank packages online. We do. Why? Because we value your trust.  That’s why most choose to work with us in the end.

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1. What do you earn if this service is free?

Yes, our service is free to you. When we refer you to the bank, they pay us a distributor fee for this referral. Hence, you may use us freely without worry of additional hidden costs, as your interest and package stays the same. If there are any differences, we will inform you and you can easily validate this with the bank.

2. How can the rate be the same then?

Unknown to many, bankers earn commissions on top of basic pay. So the bank pays either way be it an internal commission or an external referral fee.  This is a distribution cost to the bank which does not affect your interest rate.

3. Why can’t I search online on my own?

Sure, you may choose to do so. Where we can value-add and help you as a broker, is to help you to sieve through the different and ever-changing bank rates, look through important details and fine print, to provide you with a concise proposal so you can decide easily. This is all done at no additional cost to you - saving you precious time and effort. 

4. Will my information be safe with you?

We value your privacy and will never sell your information or pass your details to any 3rd party without your permission. If you like, you may submit documents directly to the bankers, and all information will be kept private and confidential. 

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